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An Introduction to GC Millinery & Tea

GC Millinery & Tea owner Gail Christensen has a fascinating history and association with hats. They stem from her extensive travels, training in floral design, and intense love of color, costume and science.

Her studio in Lake Mills, Wisconsin is both her home and workplace. Here she designs, collects and offers classes about hats. She continues to travel as a lecturer, speaking about the history of hats and the traditions of taking tea. She believes that every woman can wear a hat and her mission is to make that possible by bringing the knowledge of color, light and power to the heads of young girls and women of the world.

hat collection

Gail's overall goal is to promote the skills, history, appreciation and quality of the fine chapeau (French for hat). This is accomplished in part by the creating and selling of fantastical vintage flavored hats adorned with sparkling accessories at "Millinery Tea Parties", providing classes through the School of Millinery Design, and lecturing throughout the country.

Gail Christensen in Savannah

We welcome you to browse through this website and encourage you to contact Gail with your questions and comments.

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